Sunday, November 27

Day Three: Asahi and Yebisu

The next day was bleaker than the previous day. I say bleaker because it was dreary without being a neat dreary. Just dreary.

To take a break from my train travel, I hopped the subway to Ebisu - two stations away. (See
Tokyo Metro Map). Destination: Yebisu Beer Garden.

But first... first.... I was passing through Roppongi Hills Arena, and got caught up in Doraemon Mania.

TV Asahi was having some sort of Doraemon event with a show and fun stuff for kids... so I allowed myself to get side-tracked into the TV Asahi lobby where interesting things were to be seen by all. (See the
main page - there's some at the end).

Of course I swung by the Gift Shop, and here is one of my purchases:

At first glance I thought it would be more useful, as it appeared to be mostly kanas, but when I got home I realized it has a lot of kanji, so I won't be learning any fun phrases (or poor translations) in Japanese. Boo.

Ok, so onward to Ebisu / Yebisu. Took the Hibiya Line through Hiro-o to Ebisu, got out, up through the mall there, across the Yebisu Sky Walk to the Yebisu Garden Place.

Rating: Not That Interesting

However... I did go to the Museum of Photography and check out this cool exhibit:

And now I'm kicking myself for not purchasing the book (it was big, heavy and expensive. And big and heavy.)

They also had a fabulous exhibit on the building of the Chanel something or other building, which had really neat photos of the deconstructing and reconstructing of the building. Another had to be there exhibit.

After the Photography Museum, on to the Sapporo Beer Museum.

If I could read Japanese, this might have been more interesting. My favorite part was this crazy miniature set / video / holograph presentation for the kiddles (addiction starts early)... and then the "Tasting Room."

(Disclaimer: One beer is enough for me. Here it is:)

Crackers were free. Cheese was tasty. Very tasty.

The Beer Tasting Room was fun for several reasons. Let me count the ways:

  1. Relaxing environment. Just ask the suit-clad lady who was face-down at her table.
  2. Cheap samples. Again, folks, I just had one, but I'm poor.
  3. Tasty cheese. It's smoked. And tasty.
  4. Fun plastic tickets. From the vending machine.
  5. Flatulorious ambience. Thanks to the suit-clad gentleman who sat down facing me, at the table next to me, in my direct peripheral vision, lifted a cheek and let out a wall-trembling rip. Try to maintain composure for that one, folks. Thank goodness I was writing in my journal at the time because I needed to share that with someone, and quick.


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