Wednesday, November 23


Edgardo did a wonderful thing while I was in CR, and that was to bring me to a stable where he used to board a horse. One thing lead to another, and ultimately we went at least twice a week - Tuesdays and Fridays to ride and watch Henry, the trainer at the time.

Before you laugh at my terrible seat, allow me to point out two things:
  1. I hadn't ridden on a regular basis in years.
  2. These are not your run-of-the-mill Quarter Horses. Noooo. These are Costa Rica's version of the Paso Fino. So when these horses trot, they trot.

Doesn't she look beautiful in this picture? Mind you, I wasn't supposed to be riding her - she's one of the owner's prize horses. I'd be worried about Henry losing his job, except he's already moved on to other training pastures. (Not the big Training Pasture in the Sky, not to worry. A terrestrial one.)

Here I am on one of the stallions - my first time riding a stallion (cut it out, you pervs!). It was pretty amazing to get that big horse to move like that, although he's so well-trained that it didn't take an expert.

One more...

This guy is the sire of Edgardo's colt, who should be born late this winter (well, American winter). I actually watched them mate him with the mare that now belongs to Edgardo. Another first.

Easy pervs. You know who you are.


Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Nice pictures. Actually, I'm afraid of horses.

7:05 AM


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