Sunday, November 27

Return to Japan

In March, 2005 I returned to Japan for a second look, this time venturing beyond Tokyo. I travelled laden with three cameras for color, black and white, and digital shots. Behold.

Once again, for the unabridged version click on the title to go to my Kodakgallery page. These are the digital color shots. I haven't scanned the color film images... there's just so many of them! I think the digitals will do a decent job here.

Ok, First off...

My first full day there was a Sunday, so Carlos was able to come explore with me. We went to
Kawagoe, a small city about an hour's train ride from Tokyo Station. The town is famous for it's old warehouses which now serve as storefronts.

Carlos took this one and was pretty proud of himself. The second floor of one of the old warehouses.

While visiting one of the temples/shrines ( I have trouble telling the difference) we happened to be in the right spot at the right time to see some traditional dancers and musicians setting up to perform. Their kimonos were wonderful for color shots:

Here's a shot of the street:

Recommendations for Kawagoe: Check it out. There are street performances, lots of shops for arts and crafts etc., several small temples / shrines, and a nice chance to get out of Tokyo for a day.


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