Wednesday, November 23

Magical Nostalgic Tour

For those of you who went with us, way back in the 90's, or who have ever been to Palmares and loved it, these next images are for you:
La cancha deportiva del colegio.
The high school sports field.
Remember "suicide soccer" and crossing through to the pool?
Everybody's favorite lunch hangout - Cuco's!
It's "much" bigger these days, with more room for seating, and a new sign. But it's still Cuco's. This is where I had my first ever hot dog and fries with ketchup and mayo. Life has never been the same.
Centro Municipal and Cruz Roja.
Maybe nobody else remembers, but it was right next to "El Club"
Cruz Roja was my spot for phone cards this year.
And speak of the devil, there it is - El Club de Amigos.
(with somebody's funky-fresh ride in front)
I saw Fabio there last year (2004), would never have recognized him.
The church.
How many hours did we log on the steps of that church, hanging out? I'll tell you what, kids still do it!
El quisco.
It's amazing how much time one can spend just sitting on a bench in el parque.
The paint is different, but the ambience is the same. Didn't see any sloths this year, though. ('Member when Marissa got pooped on?)
That's it for the memories.
Next up: Los Melendez


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