Thursday, March 30

Don't Hate Me

Wed. 29 March

I just need to share with everyone the view from in front of my house. That’s right. Beautiful, isn’t it? This is the Japan I came to live.

Thought I’d mention that the new pics are up on Flickr, and I’ve started a That’s Japanese! section on my web site. The first entry, “Touyu – Kerosene Heaters” is up already. Check it out, yo.

Tonight it snowed a few flakes worth, after a super-chilly day. Just before I turned on the touyu I could see my breath in the kitchen. Yikes!

I finally bought myself a couple dictionaries today, there were no English-Japanese-English ones, just English-Japanese and Japanese-English, so I bought one of each. Thirty dollars later I have one ok Japanese-English dictionary and one English-Japanese dictionary that is in kanji. Aargh! I didn’t realize that until I got home. Woops.

I also bought kerosene for the ol’ heaters today too, a struggle (see my site), but I’m proud of myself for doing it. Also used some Japanese to buy the dictionaries (good thing I looked it up in my handy Barron’s book – it’s eiwa jiten, not jisho, which must be a regular dictionary. I’m pretty sure I got laughed at as I walked away, as I used “jisho” first, and I heard one of the ladies say it. Ah well, it’s to be expected. People, please understand the plight of the immigrant. Trying to get by in a country where you don’t know the language is REALLY HARD and FRUSTRATING.


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