Thursday, April 20

Abbey-sensei vs. "The Render-kun"

If you're from CHS, you'll get that...

Yes, today I was in a couple ichinensei classes that I hadn't met before so it was showtime again - my introduction spiel. Man, am I getting tired of doing that gig!

For the ichinensei, since the accompanying worksheet would be too difficult, we just opened up the floor for questions. Of course they were shy at first, even after asking Mr. C questions, but once the ball got rolling they were good to go.

Here are some typical questions for the new gaijin (foreigner)/me:

1. How old are you?
2. Do you have a boyfriend?
3. Do you like Mr. C.?
4. Do you like Japanese food? What kind?
5. Do you like natto?
6. How tall are you? (I've never gotten that one)
7. What TV shows do you like?
8. What anime do you like (since they know I like Bleach)?
9. Where do you live in Japan?

And now I'd like to add another question to the board, one I got today from the funny class who asked Mr. C. "Baka desu ka" (are you stupid?):

How much do you weigh?

Now, those of you who know me well know that that is something I've been doing battle with for a few years. However, I took it lightly and joked that I weigh more than Mr. C., which I'm sure I do, but maybe not as much as H-sensei. He thought maybe I did. I'll see him after school.

A few questions later the weight kid was back with another.

Are you a professional wrestler?

Friggin' A, I can't win! I told him, yes, yes I was, whereupon Mr. C. joined in with "I bet you can take him!" So I trash-talked this 12-year-old into taking me on in arm-wrestling and at which he proceeded to beat me. Ah, Abbey-sensei went down. Good Times were had by all.

Lunch was Good Times, we had fun at our "table" - finally a truly interactive bunch! They were a fun class from the start. And lunch was good with some chicken and liver, but no mushrooms, thank goodness. Yes, I enjoyed my lunch group today.

Soji was Good Times, I went to a sannensei class, I think, and did the windows with only a rag and some water, which, surprisingly, did a fantastic job. No need for actual Fantastic. However, joking around with some of the boys I think they got me to say something inappropriate because when I repeated it they were hysterical and wanted me to say it again and again. I won't fall for that three times!

After school was Art Club again, after trying to teach the girls' basketball club to play HORSE. I got to R before sensei called them to warm up. Then it was "Bye!"/"Seeyoutomorrow!"/"Sayonara"/"Baaaaah" with H-sensei the Art Teacher. Last week between the both of us saying goodbye to the kids on the way out I said it sounded like we were cows or sheep, so we started baahing at the kids. She's a trip, that one! She learned English from her English-speaking friends and is pure Good Times.

Tonight I had my second Japanese lesson with ST, more review, but that's what I need since I've gone through my books so quickly. Just saying over and over and over. Get my mouth used to the sounds flowing together.

Accomplishments for the Day:

1. Got more kids to get excited and wave to me in passing. Yessss!
2. Learned when to use "ni" when talking about time.
3. Didn't crack my skull trying to get my shoes on outside the door after school.
4. Found the other route to Enakyo from school without coming all the way back up the hill.
5. Generally had Good Times at school.

Peace in the Far East, my brethren and sistren.


Blogger gamera sez said...

I like the part where you said you would see H-sensei after school because he thought you weighed more than he did...haha how ominous. I almost feel sorry for him.

9:22 AM


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