Friday, April 21

Too Cool for School

Not much to report today, another good day at CS3, just snackin' on some Hi-Chews.

We did the "Wonder Ring" tricks about a thousand more times. The thing about Japanese education is that the whole country uses the same books. So at one school they do the same lesson as another. This is good and bad. It's good because it's less preparing for me should I have to actually prepare anything. It's bad because if the schools are off by a day, you may end up doing the same lesson about 8 times, no exaggeration. That's about how many times I've done them, or at least been a part of them. At any rate, Mr. C. and SH were great at livening up the lesson, of course I got stuck with the morning dental work, before my game was on. Crickets.

So, my objectives for today I think were met - chipped away at the Cool Guys, made sure to interact with kids who might not interact with me on their own, had a productive soji where the kids may or may not have made fun of me in what may or may not have been a positive way. Actually, I think I ended up in Render-kun's class. The Wrestler, that is. The girls made me do the pushing-the-rag-on-the-floor thing, which for Abbey-sensei's long legs is a tough job. I eventually came up with my own technique by putting my foot on the rag and sliding it across the floor that way. But only when the sensei wasn't in the room.

Lunch was decent if quiet, and I managed to eat ALL my ramen, ALL my Japanese potato salad, ALL my gyoza (dumplings) and they were Jumbo Gyoza, and ALL my greenish-greyish delicious breadish thing. Which, of course, was relatively dry, so after I had been so successful with everything else, I now had to try to get it down quickly (zero savoring time) with what little milk I had left. Oh delicious milk.

After lunch H-sensei the Art Teacher and the Glasses Guy learned a valuable new phrase: Dragon Breath, inspired by the garlic-laden Jumbo Gyoza. Good Times. From there it was on to yasumi (recess) where H-sensei the Art Teacher and I played HORSE with some of the Art Club girls o'er at the gym.

Only one class after lunch - which, after a full morning was very welcome. It was a good class, however, due to SH and Mr. C.'s antics, and the class was relatively responsive.

Today's rating: A long day, but Good Times.


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