Monday, May 15


Today my first period class at SS was cancelled... again. All the ninenseis were on some sort of field trip. So I wandered down to the ayumi class (special ed) in the hopes that they were doing something cool, like flower arranging. And they were!
So I popped in, confusing the teacher a bit, but once she realized I was just there to hang out I was welcome. The poor teacher who never has anything to do was also there, probably just looking for something to do, like me.
Today there were only two students, the other three most likely on the field trip or at home, so a nice quiet, relaxing time was had by all. I got to enjoy some time with one of the boys and Liz V.'s Japanese twin.
Above is the description of my arrangement: the names of the flowers, the title and my name, in roomaji and katakana. It was my first time using a fude pen (for calligraphy) so my writing is pretty sloppy!
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