Tuesday, May 16

Abbey 25 Kyuushoku 1

(Another of yesterday's ikebana by one of the Ayumi kids at SS)

Today was relatively uneventful. The cold is progressing nicely, hopefully I've got it under control. I was finally able to talk to my mom for Mother's Day (she was napping on the couch under a kitty when I called on actual Mother's Day).

The major event of the day was lunch time. I have been attending school in this country for over a month, and I'm rather proud of the things I've eaten. Generally school lunch is pretty good. Today however, the tables turned. I was hungry. Some days I don't feel the hunger anymore, as I've gotten used to going several hours without eating. And plus I have a cold, so that should make me less hungry. But it was cold today, and I was really looking forward to something warm. Not to be had.

First glance at the plates as I entered the ichinensei room told me lunch time was not going to be fun, for on the plates, next to the salad, was the cold, purple body of a big-a** squid about the length of my palm and nearly as wide. With the little fan thing at the top and everything. Or octopus, I don't know, there were no legs. Just the hollow, crunchy-chewy body. I gave it my all. Gambarimashita, I swear. I made it through three bites, but the last one was the most difficult to bite through, and took long enough for me to have to breathe through my nose, whereupon the fishy, sea smell initiated the nausea. I chewed a few times and stuffed a glob of rice in after it, which was a huge mistake, as it is sticky rice, and is hard to swallow without drink as it is. It was at this point that the first gag occurred. And it was then that I knew I was done with the squid-octopus. Better to throw out half the thing than spew it up all over the kids. I felt really bad, but no-could-do. On top of that, the salad was not especially to my liking and the soup had mushrooms in it - two kinds. Boo.

And no Tea Time today. Or tomorrow.

On a happy note, the kids were good today, my ichinensei at LMS are getting better. Today I made fun of them for being zombies. They're so afraid to stand out when they repeat or answer questions, so they all wait and say things slowly so their voices can blend together. Good - mor-ning - A-bbey. (How are you?) I'm.... sleepy/hungry/fine... thank ..you.... and ..you? Once we got going with the game they were Good Times.

Well, that's all for today. Tomorrow I'm back at LMS again. Hooray!
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