Sunday, May 14

Takin' the Train, Takin' the Train

(Name that song)

Not much to tell today, worked on maturing yesterday's cold while sitting through training workshops. Actually, the workshops were great, but anything that involves sitting and listening while fighting the sniffles, stuffies and drowsies is a feat. Of course, today that I had to be inside all day it was beautiful - sunny, relatively warm.

On the way home from Nagoya, we were a few stops away from our station, K and I, on a basically empty train when it came to a stop just before a tunnel. Apparently the driver had seen a kid near the tracks, and stopped to make sure he was ok. Okay he was, but we waited while the authorities or someone was contacted, and the driver helped him to safety. I think he was mentally challenged, based on the way he was moving. I can't imagine how his parents must have felt this afternoon when he was brought home.

When I got back to my station I had just finished commenting to K that it felt good to be "home," and it felt good to feel good getting home, that the people I was seeing on the platform were "my" people. And he agreed, that perhaps you might see someone you knew. And lo and behold, here comes a group of kids from CS3, the first one of whom (which?) I recognized, and I hope the tone in my voice, that "Hey, person I know, good to see you!" tone, was picked up on by the student that I said hello to. I asked him where he had been and what he had been doing, and he was great in answering my questions in English. Good for him! I love this kind of extracurricular interaction because it makes me something other than a school commodity. A couple of other kids were also pleasantly surprised to see me there. Hooray!

So tonight I am preparing to take my Tylenol Cold Night Time half dose to get a good night's sleep and hopefully avoid a sinus infection. Tomorrow is SS. While "enjoying free time" tomorrow I should take some pictures or something and liven up this blog.


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