Thursday, June 1

Mukade Double Team

This morning, getting ready for breakfast, I found this little guy (oh, about an inch and a half) on the floor just inside the door to the computer/laundry-drying room. After nabbing him with a tissue and throwing him in the pot of boiling water (still in the tissue) I decided to take his picture so you all could appreciate what I'm dealing with here.

As I was finishing up the photo shoot, I spotted this: (see below posting) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Chirp said...

Abbey - you are making it so that I am too freaked out to come to Japan in August! How will I ever live in Mukade world?

10:52 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Just leave your sanity behind and spend as much time as possible outside of your apartment! Although, not everyone gets them, or in such great numbers as I do.

5:30 PM

Anonymous chirp said...

hmmm... you're just lucky then???

1:24 PM


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