Saturday, July 8

Editor's Note

The jello from the Tanabata cup.

So, yesterday I wrote during my "Free Time" at GS, so here's the summary:

Yatta Things:
1. When I walked in, the teachers' room was full. I said hello, and got choruses of "Ohayoo gozaimasu" from all over. What a difference from when I first started there.
2. I got one of the teachers to let me come up with some fun activities for the elective class. Man, I hope the kids enjoy them, and, oh, I don't know, participate!
3. Some great kid PR at club activities in the pm - did track with the boys (the girls were off running around the grounds) and caused myself reason for soreness today and probably tomorrow, what with all the sprinting. Joined the girls' basketball team for their post-practice, pre-championship game tomorrow pep-talk, got to give a little gambatte motivation myself. Oh, and the girls all cheered when I popped into their circle. Yattaaaaa!

Cutest Things:
1. Going down to spend some time with the little boy who has class all by himself because he's too shy to be with other students. What a little cutie pie! I wanted to introduce myself a bit, with pictures and such, just to let him feel comfortable with me, but the teacher, A-sensei, who really is a nice, gentle soul, had me just do English question and answer with him. Which was painful because you could see that he knew what to say, but had such difficulty getting it out. I just wanted to hug him and kiss him (as a mother might a child, you pervies) and make him feel ok. I'll be going to see him next week too, so I'm looking forward to that.

2. I had lunch with a sannensei class, the one with the two cutie pies that love to talk to Melissa and me, and we just adore them. Of course they were both trying to talk to me from across the room, which was funny and funny. Before we started eating, the one whose sexuality is up for debate, tried to ask me if I have a "sweetie" or a "honey". As I was leaving, he called out "Bye my sweet honey!" Oh, so cute. So now I have a "sweet honey".
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