Wednesday, June 28

Just Not the Same

Just got in from a good run in the muggy mugginess that is floating around here. Thought we'd get some thunderstorms, heard a rare rumbling in the distance, but I couldn't catch the rain while I was out. Maybe later.

Today I was at my beloved LMS, and let me say, from the minute I walked in I was happified: To my sing-song "Ohayoo gozaimasu!" came a full-chorus reply from the whole staff, in unison, whole-hearted. In the middle of the staff room I just beamed, and laughed and said "I love this school!"

And right after that the new teacher jumped on me to "help" her with the testing all the kids had to do today.

Now, the testing... keep in mind that this teacher has been with them for a week, before which they were basically eigo no sensei-less for almost a month, and she had to test them on the whole term, since early April. My poor little LMS babies so handsome (boys and girls) in their uniforms, sweating bullets in the muggy heat, taking a test from a woman they've known for a week and who isn't their real teacher. I just gave little smiles of encouragement and sympathy, tried to make them feel happy and genki, and tried to make an otherwise awkward, potentially "rebellious" (for LMS) situation yasashii.

I won't go into details on the rest, because I'm not here to talk about people, but let's just say that the kids aren't the only ones looking forward to A-sensei's return.

On a happier note, I took advantage of the testing, and the kids writing their names in romaji to "study" them. I've almost got the 1nenesei down, the 2nensei are coming along nicely, but I didn't think of it in time to do the 3nensei. And I don't see them as often either, so I'm even farther behind with them.

I also got to listen to the entire student body sing [well] a song whose title translates to "Hometown." They didn't tell me the real title. But the kids were so cute, and I told the ichinensei that I was the proud mother taking pictures of her babies, which they got! Cutie-babies!

Today in Review: The babies were cute, other people were... not, I love LMS, tomorrow is my second-last day at CS3 and camping dinner with LES. Sweet.


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