Saturday, July 15

I'm a Big Fat Loser

The fact that I even need to mention this just shows how much I need help.

So, Merissa and I went to sushi yesterday (where I got a needle-like eel bone stuck in my throat. Nice.) and then checked out the manga section at Uny. And I broke down and bought the character book for Bleach. Looking through it today (and learning some Japanese, too, I swear) I saw that today, coincidentally, is Ichigo's birthday. July 15th. Imagine that. He's probably turning 15... again.

Please enjoy this picture of him after he achieved bankai and came to save Rukia. Sorry to ruin anything for those of you who may not be up to that episode yet. But come on, you knew he was going to!

In a related story, Melissa, you are a bad influence on me! (Don't forget to try to find me a Bleach lunchkerchief in Kyoto)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me?! A bad influence on YOU! What are you Smoking sister?! The Japanese maple? (^-^) I believe you were the one who infected me with the Bleach bug yo. In fact, this whole anime obsession is YOUR FAULT! I could have made it through and entire 3 years in Japan sans anime if it hadnt been for you. Dont make bust out my bankai (^o^)/ (>.<)

Oh, and gomen ne. I couldnt find any Bleach goods in Kyoto. Maybe we`ll get lucky in Shirakawa-gou...

2:33 PM


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