Tuesday, July 18


How much do I love this picture? Their faces are priceless! S-sensei, nice work! Please click on the picture to see it bigger.

Today I joined the LMS sannensei babies at the pool. Today was actually 15 degrees colder than last Friday - down to 20 up in the mountains. To me, however, this was not cold. Nor was it cold in the pool area (as you can see, they have a sliding "dome" as Y-sensei called it). But I guess it's true what they say about whales and seals and other arctic aquatic mammals who have a lot of fat. While my fat-free babies (and their PE teacher) were shivering, I was A-OK.

At the end of the lesson, O-sensei, the PE teacher, had the kids put on their "winter casual" uniforms and get in the pool, to try swimming weighted down. They did one lap. Sort of. I took their pictures. When S-sensei told me to get in the picture, I did it the best American way I know how. With a big fat cannonball. Oh, Good Times.

In other swim-related news, I tied Macho Man for the top backstroke time, and came in second (to the guy with the serious face, in the middle) by one second for the 3-lap back-breast-crawl (se-oyogi, hira-oyogi and kuroru). Not saying much considering I was up against 15-year-olds half my size. But I was neck and neck with the big boys.

Aaaanyhoo, that's the Gnu's News for today (name that kids' show). This time next week I'll be in the Rock! And tomorrow I get to go to LMS again! And Thursday too! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Melissa said...

すげ!Abby-sensei aquatica! Their faces are priceless...Shock, amazement, wonder \(^o^)/ I especially love the fact that they`re wearing their winter uniforms. I take it that`s the sensei...(^-<) *wink*

8:42 AM


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