Saturday, July 15

Situation Grimm

Pretty fuzzy, but it feels so sunny. It was just like that that day.

The grim situation I'm referring to is the gas prices. Boy they just don't stop, do they. Gas prices went up the other day. Since I've been here, the gas prices have gone up at least once. Ok, once. But it was 2 yen per liter! Which is less than 7 cents per gallon. Seems like a lot, but again, it's happened once since I've been here.

Sorry, people, that's all I've got. It was hot today. And sunny. But too hot to be out enjoying the sunny if you're a gimp like me and can't actually do anything. But not like the gimp from Pulp Fiction.

Ah, but I do have a yatta for today: I actually went and got the oil changed in the A-Ride! Yes, I braved the gas station attendents, said "oiru chenji" and presto! I drove away with new oil and 3 free boxes of tissues! Boy are my Japanese lessons paying off!


Blogger Todd said...

You can stop feeling sorry for yourself. If I remember correctly, you left for Japan somewhere in the April timeframe. Since then, our prices for gas have gone up from about $2.65 to $3.05. The funny thing is that people complain but haven't really started changing their habits.

10:16 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

Yeah, I don't really feel sorry for myself about the prices going up. I was just being sarcastic. However, it's 135 yen per liter for regular, which works out to be about $4.39 a gallon. Good thing my car is so efficient.

10:22 PM


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