Saturday, July 8

Tanabata, or The Week in Review

I'll let you learn about Tanabata here.

What a tiring week!

Monday: Good Times were had at GS, where the ninensei sentaku class was better behaved – the “problem” kids, anyway. At least for that day, the magic Melissa and I (and subsequently Melissa again) worked seemed to have made a difference.

Funniest thing: Some kids had told Melissa that she had “nice hips,” which really means “nice butt,” so she was sure to guide them in the correct linguistic direction on that one. During souji on Monday a couple kids came by and started in with it again, which eventually led Melissa and I to singing “Baby Got Back” to amuse ourselves. Of course a few of the girls heard us, thought it was fun, and insisted that we teach it to them! Please imagine 3 14-year-old Japanese girls chanting “I like big butts and I cannot lie!” A scene to remember.

Cutest thing: During hiruyasumi Melissa and I ran into a couple boys outside. One of the first things out of their mouths was “Iimori Kouta!” one of my 2nensei sentaku “missions.” For there to be a reason for them to say that is really cute! Probably because, unbeknownst to him, I’ve started a collection of the erasers that I take away from him (he breaks little pieces off and throws them all class). I’ll keep them all year, and give them back to him at the end. Watch, of course, I don’t get to go to that class anymore after natsuyasumi (summer vacation)…. that would be typical.

Monday night I went for a run with Aterciopelados, and it turned into a longer, greater run than I’d anticipated. Eventually the dark rain clouds moved in, so I dropped Andrea and the boys off at home and continued my run in the pouring rain. I just kept running, and I felt like I could run all night. Awesome.

Tuesday: Oh, what Good Times! My LMS was great – the kids were cute, I got along a little better with the substitute and, joy of joys, I got to go swimming for two periods with the ichinensei!! Hooray! I had to sacrifice a sannensei class to do it, but I think it was worth it. Next week the sannensei go swimming, so if I don’t have class, I’d like to try to go with them. I was able to practice the ichinensei and ninensei names, which was rewarding. I’m happy for the kids to see that I’ve learned their names, in the hopes that it makes them happy, and makes them trust me more. I had some Quality Conversation Time with students and teachers that day, so I felt good. After school I joined the basketball club for practice and got an in-depth look into how much I suck.

Wednesday: LES, I got observed, always nice to have a visit from my supervisor, who’s a great guy. The classes went ok, I got some good constructive criticism, ran around a lot during hiruyasumi, got tired, had a boring 5-6nensei class 5th period, ran around some more after school, and couldn’t take it anymore. I was just exhausted in mind and body.

This was my last day at LES before summer vacation, a fact I didn’t really realize until I was there. I won’t see them now for about two months! Boo.

Thursday: IS. P and I were there together, which is always good. My experience in running classes with other ALTs is that they go great. And I get great ideas from them. In the afternoon P, O-sensei From the BOE and I had a team-teaching demonstration class for the teachers at the school. Let’s just say that too many chefs were stirring the pot, and although we were on the same page, it could have gone a lot smoother. Perhaps with more prep time, or I don’t know what it would have been better. Ah, well, it’s over.

Today I’m at GS again, it’s hotter than the dickens, I’m down to two classes, but there are sports clubs after school, so I’ll be sure to hit those up. Guess I won’t go for a run tonight if I run around this afternoon. Ahi vemos. Posted by Picasa


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