Saturday, July 15

Tsuyu Winds Down

Not the greatest shot, and the good sun had just ducked behind a cloud by the time I got the camera out, but this is what greeted me as I rolled home the other day. Of course I just missed the good rain. What a hot day. What a hot week. I'm not going to bore you with all the details of this week except to say that I've probably sweated my weight in sweat just being in the classrooms and teachers' room.

Tuesday and Wednesday at LMS were wonderful. Swimming both days. On Tuesday I went swimming with the sannensei, and before we headed out I was kicking the soccer ball around with some of the boys when one of them commented that another was a "macho man." Apparently this refers to a guy who works out and has muscles, because, sure enough, he does. So, this launched, of course, into my singing of "Macho Man" by the Village People, and of course I only know the chorus. I sat with the girls in the back of the bus to the pool and they thought the song was great fun. Probably partially because they all sweat him. Mind you, he's a nice boy, not a total muscle head.

So Wednesday we actually got to do songs in all the classes (geez, I don't know where we got the time to do that, what with all the catching up they have to do and all. - Note sarcastic tone). After the sannensei's "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt I told them I had another song for them and would they like to hear it. Yes, you guessed it, it was "Macho Man." I even did a macho dance for them and they thought it was hilarious. Go me! Of course, my Abbey-wannabe substitute teacher had to dance along with me, literally copying all of my moves as I did them. Girl, step off the Abbeyness. Get your own groove! And by groove, I mean not only fabulous dance moves, but way of being with the kids. We can't all be Totally Excellent like me. Ah well, only 3 more days.

In other news, it hit 36 yesterday, with rampant humidity and sun (for those of you who are centrigradally-challenged, like me, that's 96.8 Fahrenheit) . They don't turn on the AC in the teachers' room until after the kids have left. Yesterday that was at around 5:30, but I was long gone to a meeting by then. I had 3 free periods in which to try to study Japanese (read: sit very still with mouth hanging open and make a half-assed attempt to will your neural synapses to fire).

This morning was beautiful. In spite of going to bed sort of late and taking a Tylenol PM, I was still up at 6 with an aching back. Menos mal, because the morning was gorgeous and it's only going to get hotter during the rest of the day. I say "was" gorgeous because at 7:52 the heat is starting to reach the dickens range.

Well, I'll stop here. Enjoy your weekend - I have Monday off! Weeeeeeeeee! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Todd said...

"Step off the Abbeyness". Step off indeed. Some people just don't have it, so they copy. Ab, it's a tough lesson to learn; since I am excellent in pretty much every way I am used to the trail of people behind me apeing my every move. Fools.

10:05 PM


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