Wednesday, August 30

Can You Hear My Voice?

For the longest time I thought this might be a cellphone store or something. At night it's quite neat along the front (this is the side), changing colors and such. But it's really a pachinko parlor.

Yesterday was a great day in spite of the crappy run I had in the morning. I pooped out after only about half of what I'd wanted to run. Boo.

After a light snooze and lunch I packed up and headed to my LMS to hit the river. I didn't even care if the teachers were there (they weren't), I just wanted to spend the afternoon down by the river. And so I did. The clerk was the only one at school, so after popping my head in to say hello to him I headed down and set up camp by the river. It had been clouding over on the way up, but once I got up there, hareta, it cleared up and the sun was glorious. I swam, I read some ChiRunning (thanks, Todd!) I walked about on the rocks, sat on big ones, just soaked up the river from in it, next to it, over it, every whichaway. I thought about how lucky I am to be where I am, in a town, but with such easy access to places like that beautiful river, with beautiful people nearby. I love it!

A couple hours later I was ready to head home, so I stopped back at the school, as per K-sensei, the clerk's invitation, had some cold apple juice and light conversation (yes, folks, conversation! Yea, me!) with him, then headed out.

Here is a view of rice fields on the way home. I'm glad I've gotten a few pictures, as I noticed on my run this morning that they're starting to harvest the rice. I'd like to get some pictures of that, but right now I'm pooped!

I ate well last night, having explored the world of prepared vegetables at the grocery store. I've been getting bored with the regular fare, so I've decided to expand my culinary horizons a bit. Nothing crazy, but vegetables I can eat and not have to do anything with except add goma dressing. Mmmmm-Mm!

I went to bed early today so I could get up and be out running before the morning rush, so as not to share airspace and outdoor space with the traffic. It rained early this morning, so everything was fresh when I got out there. Cool, humid and fresh. My run was great, at one point I thought to stop, but I told myself I could do it, and do it I did. The morning was lovely, I managed to get almost my entire shirt wet with sweat, my legs are beat now, and the day has only just begun.

After my run, shower and breakfast I had to take the A-Ride in for its shaken. I'm glad I don't own my own car here, and I also now understand why people have new cars. The car will stay there until tomorrow afternoon, so I was given a replacement for the interim. It's a Passo, and it's ok. It's always nice to drive a new car when you've been used to a not-so-new one. It's all smoothe, and tackles the hills no problem. But, the A-Ride gets me where I want to go, and I don't have to pay for a new car, so I'm content.

Well, that's the Wednesday Morning Scoop. Keep it Real.


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