Saturday, August 26


On the bridge over the Kiso River. That's A1 in the background.

Here are the many reasons why I'm so happy today...

1. Yesterday I picked up my free kotatsu (Thanks, Jim!) from the BOE, and then headed up to my LMS to see if anyone was in the swimming way. And they were! On a glorious summer afternoon, in the beautiful, clear, cool mountain river that runs behind the school, A-sensei, O-sensei and S-sensei and I went for a delicious swim. My Kool-Ade smile could only have made the day brighter, I was such a grinnin' fool! Especially since A-sensei and O-sensei are my two favorite people there, such good company! My heart just about popped with the wondrousness of the scenery, the company, and refreshing feeling I got being in the river.

2. A-sensei (female) told me yesterday that I have "beautiful" legs. While I still think they've got a ways to go, that made me feel really good about myself, like I'm making strides (no pun intended) in my getting-in-shape efforts. Kool-Ade!

3. After stopping home I went on a search for a bike. My first trip to the local bike shop downtown was fruitless, but the owner was super nice, helpful, honest and spoke great English! After that I just headed to your local Valor Home Center and picked out what I hoped to be a bike of good dimensions for me. Looking at it now, it seems a little short in the frame, as in not long, but then again, I'm not used to riding a mountain bike. As of today, I have dubbed her A1. I also ran into one of the souji cutie-pies, Chihiro, from GS. She ran over to talk to me and said my bike was "kakkoi," which could have just been being cute.

4. My mom roused me from my happy sleep last night to tell me that someone was coming to pick up my car on Saturday (today for me). That means it's out of the driveway and there will be much money in my bank account! Hooray! I can worry a little less about sending money home... especially this month with my extra expenses... Thanks for taking care of me, Mom!

5. This morning I went out for a run. A little later than I'd have liked since, even though I went to bed exhausted (the kawaing really took me out, for some reason) by 8:30 I still slept until 6. Of course, by that time the sun was up and coming out from behind the clouds. I was tired heading out, especially after not having had lunch the day before, and only having cereal and yoghurt for dinner. I ran at a decent pace (I think) and was satisfied with how far I got, but when I got to the top of the hill on my cooldown (walking), and started to head the long way home, I started getting the "I think I might pass out" feelings, so I turned and went the short way. These feelings continued once I got home, so I stretched between the houses to stay out of the sun and downed lots of water and a glass of milk to replenish my missing fluids and carbs. However, I felt good that I had run, and that's the important thing. And I'm awesome and the mornings are beautiful.

6. I went grocery shopping today while there was still decent food at the store, and on the way out I saw some of the Cool Kids from GS and and one of my favorites from CS3. The first two were outside, and said hello to me, but the third stayed inside the other doors. As I walked away after having waved, I heard "Abbey, Abbey, Abbey, Abbey!" I turned around, and it wasn't that they were calling me, but alerting the third kid to my presence. So cool! And the kid doing the yelling is one of the ones that runs away from me at school. Awesoooome! Kool-Ade!

7. Getting back from the grocery store I grabbed the A1 and headed out for our virgin tour (well, after the short test run last night). I decided that I need LOTS OF PRACTICE, as I feel very unsteady. I guess the narrow, sideways-sloping sidewalks right next to the road don't help my situation either. In any event, the afternoon was beautiful, I made it up a few hills, have gotten the hang of my gears (for all intents and purposes) and felt much more confident on the way home. Of course tomorrow my thighs and arms will be sore as sore, to be sure, but that's the point, ne? I brought the ol' A-Cam, so please enjoy some sights from my beautiful area.

8. I bought myself a cold thermos the other day, so it has been easier to keep cold water available and within reach all day. Today I have drunk at least 3-4 liters. Nice.

9. It's cooling off a little, and those just may be rainclouds in the distance.

Beautiful rice fields and mountains.

Up (down?) the Kiso River.

Enakyo Wonderland and the Kiso River.


Blogger Todd said...

First, congrats on the bike and running. Toss in some river-swimming and you'll be entering triathlons in no time.

Second, are you sure the kids weren't yelling to the oncoming shrimp truck? "Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp"

2:00 AM


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