Saturday, August 5

From the Editor

(Please note the brand new paving, (except in front of our house, due to the last-minute water main repairs...) the first ever since we moved onto APL in 1981. I kind of miss the cracks, actually, although without them rollerskating would have been so much easier.)

With regards to the "memories" shared via comment on the previous post, I offer this in response:

If memory serves me correctly, it was I who was riding on the back of Bill's motorcycle, returning from my first motorcycle ride ever, where he took me on the Expressway after promising not to. I also remember that it was not just Dietrich who whizzed the watermelon rind, but a slew of miscreants. And also that the stains never came out from my white shirt...

I remember the Max-Hot Dog Incident, but as for the rest, some funny vague images have been conjured up in my mind. In any event, there were some Classic Good Times to be had at the APL Block Parties. In the Early Years, anyway.

How about when we crashed the Lexington BP on our bikes, feeling oh-so-righteous in our thinking that "people from Lexington came to ours, so we should be able to go to theirs". Not one of our finest moments...


Blogger Todd said...

Ha ha, I remember the entire watermelon rind incident as if it were yesterday. I didn't want to get into the details in case you had forgotten. Apparently you did not.

I hope they reinstall the cracks that were perfectly placed between the streetlights at the 20-yard line, the 50-yard line and the other 20-yard line. How else are kids going to play five-second-hold football on the street?

3:27 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

92 is a-ight. No where near as bad as 90, which has to be the worst episode ever! They back in SS, which is a good sign. However, I think you may find a major factor in making a good episode missing...Hmmm, what could that be?

Leaving next week! I'll be back the 31st (^o^)/

8:02 AM


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