Saturday, August 12

I Love Buffalo!

Ok, this is the second attempt at this posting. Of course I erased the Word copy after publishing yesterday, only to find that the post never made it into cyberspace. Great. So here's the brief version:

Wednesday ran almost two laps at the park (that's good for me), then went for a walk on Elmwood to take pictures in the beautiful afternoon sun. I ended up walking farther than I expected, and managed to tire my hips the h out. You can enjoy the fruits of my labor publicly o'er at Flickr.

Yesterday I had lunch with my mom at the hospital, then headed to Ye Olde Malle for some Rathere Excellente Shoppinge Adventurese (shopping is never excellent for me). Managed to find a fabulous rolling duffel to replace the one who lost a wheel getting into JFK. I have to say, although it is sad, I'm super excited about this bag. Get this: it has handles on both ends of the bag. And it's big. And royal blue so I'll recognize it easier. And it has a pull-out handle for easier hauling - so it doesn't bump into the backs of my legs as I walk. The sweet life.

So today I went for a wimpy run at the park. I'm going to blame the crazy lady I ended up right next to at the beginning. She had this wacky arm thing going on that made her look like.. I don't know, but it was annoying and she was throwing me off. Then she moved a few paces ahead and ran directly in front of me. So I had to just pass her on the hill. She ended up doing at least 3 laps, though. Whatever. As long as I didn't have to see her, peripherally or otherwise, while I was trying to do my own thang.

Hopefully mama's takin' us to the zoo today. I'm really looking forward to that. And tomorrow's the Erie County Fair so I'll have lots of agri-photos for you.

Ok, that's all. Keep it real. Posted by Picasa


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