Tuesday, September 5


First of all, I think I shall call my new elementary school LGS, or Little Genki School, as it is, so far, the elementary equivalent of my Genki School.

Second of all, I had some LGS reporting that I didn't do yesterday, one of those "From the Mouths of Babes" things:

The first funny thing was during hiruyasumi when I was playing soccer with a few of the boys. And I met Pennis Boy. Now, I'd heard of this young fellow, or someone with a similarly erroneous potty mouth. At first I thought he exclaimed "Tennis!" so I asked him if he played. No, but then he repeated himself and I knew what I was hearing. I know my predecessor at that school had pretended not to understand, but I took the opportunity to set the record straight, let them at least have the right vocabulary, for goodness' sake.

Secondly, I was doing souji with some rokunensei's (6th graders) when one of the boys asked me if my eyes were ok. Getting concerned, I asked if they were red. He said no, they're green. He added that Japanese people have black eyes. I pointed out that his were brown, another girl's were black, and we were all content. I might have taken it badly, had he not been friendly with me all day.

Today I was at my LMS, always a joy. I showed a PowerPoint (not the kind you get, Mike) to the kids, we played a bit. The first two periods were dedicated to the students' summer projects. Of course I didn't have my camera today to capture their tables, chairs, coat rack (??? I exclaimed that he'd made a tree, but he's a tough cookie. But it was a big branch all sanded down nice. And propped up in a base to apparently serve as a coat rack. Or something), recipe books, news journal, history of the town, somen cooler-downer, etc. etc. One girl made a yukata, and when she showed it, I was asked to model. It was so pretty, and I was so pleased. My smile probably could not have been bigger!

Today was a short day because they had practice for Taiikusai (Sports Festival) during 6th period. After sweating through 5th period, I gladly changed into shorts to go out and watch them practice their cheering song. Atse! That sun was H-O-T.

After school I did tennis practice with the ichinensei girls, which was really fun, and we all learned some English and Japanese.

One highlight of the day: during some downtime, one of the sannensei girls came up to me and said that she enjoyed the pictures I showed them, and that someday she really wants to go to Buffalo. Hooray! Everyone should want to go to Buffalo, it's such a nice place! I love you, Buffalo! (New York, not Wisconsin, no offense to my brethren of the cheese, or to you, Buffalo Wyoming, brethren of the... cows, or to you, Buffalo, Colorado, brethren of the skiier-filled slopes, or to you, Buffalo, Montana, nether brethren of the cows, or to you, Buffalo, South Dakota, brethren... of... North Dakota, or any other Buffalo's in Our Great Nation)

Ja, kono posto ga owarimasu.


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