Thursday, August 31

Keitai, Suckas!

To all you Sucka MCs out there who said I was nothin' without a keitai, I say Good Day!

Yes, people, I have finally given in to the keitai peer pressure, got up the gumption to go to the store armed only with my 2-year-old (not even) Japanese and imported awareness of cell phone plans, and got myself a stupid keitai. Are you all happy now?

I have to admit, she is pretty. The cover has a nice matte finish, there's a camera I don't know how to use, a pretty color screen, pretty buttons, it's not pink, etc. etc.

Below you will find a display of all the things my lovely K-chan came with (her new name is still being felt out).

They are, clockwise from left, K-chan, two uchiwa fans (a popular item for advertising and summer cooling), 1000 yen I won from the grab-box, Chuugakkou DoCoModake (a keitai charm I'll be damned if I'm going to hang on my phone. See below for further commentary), and four packets of tissues (also a popular advertising medium) featuring a submarine DoCoModake family. This is in addition to the "information" I can't read, charger, etc.

Here we have Chuugakkou DoCoModake and his family, a typical Japanese household: Parents, grandparents and children. Let's discuss:

  1. The boy child, bottom right, besides the Shougakkou DoCoModake, or Elementary Student DoCoModake to his far left, is the student, while the Musume DoCoModake (Daughter DoCoModake) just carries a purse and has pigeon toes and an evil look on her face from her heavy mascara. Also note the pink x-es at the corners of her mouth, evidence of lipstick. On closer inspection I can see that they are two little pink bows. This could be a new trend - forget piercings, facial bows are the new way to spite Haha and Chichi in the quest for teenage individuality.
  2. Ba-Ba and Ji-Ji (Grandma and Grandpa) DoCoModake appear to be carrying what may be their lunches. Notice how Ba-Ba has the typical Blue-Hair Syndrome which here in Japan translates into Lavender-Hair, or something even more brilliant, while Ji-Ji is bald with liver spots. Both Ba-Ba and Ji-Ji also have considerably more lines in their oral asterisks, presumably to denote wrinkles.
  3. While at the beach, Haha (Mom) DoCoModake is preparing a typical Japanese meal of bacon and eggs. Ok, maybe not typical, but there she is, frypan in hand. In contrast with Musume, Haha is not wearing any "makeup", as she already has her man.
  4. Compared to Haha, DoCoModake (no prefix, you'll note, as the head of the family) seems slightly thinner, perhaps due to the stress and long hours of his job as a DoCoMo salaryman. He and his wife are in tune, however, as you can see that they have matching spots on their caps. As a real man, DoCoModake is not afraid to use his pink towel at the beach.
  5. I'm not sure where the sand house comes in, why, of all things, it's a sand house, perhaps the Shougakkou DCMD were really ambitious and were able to complete such a feat in spite of their cumbersome leather backpacks.
  6. I looked up "dake" on Nihongo Resources and here is the only thing related to mushrooms that it gave me:
    1. わらいたけ, わらいだけ [, ] (n) (type of) poisonous mushrooms.
    2. However, you may all be familiar with shiitake, those big flat mushrooms mushroom-lovers love. Which is why I put in "take" as an ending and came up with a plethora of mushroom-related entries.
Now, where to put Chuu-chan....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you lasted so long without a keitai! I got one as soon as I applied for my Alien Registration Card and would have done it sooner if I could have!

11:34 AM


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