Tuesday, October 31

Happy Haroween!

The other day Melissa and I were doing our Uny business, when we spotted The Pumpkinhead Man hooking up sweet 31 eats. Yes, you and I know it as Baskin Robbins. To the Japanese it is "31." In English.

For the last few weeks this poor soul has been wearing the pumpkinhead hat and cape in preparation for a holiday that the Japanese people do not celebrate. Melissa had the gumption this week to finally ask him for a photograph, which he happily obliged. What's more, before the picture he disappeared into the back only to emerge with a witch's hat and cape for moi. Sweet!

Please enjoy the fruits of Melissa's and my labor. Photos courtesy of Melissa. Thanks, girl!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Its only a matter of time before he busts out the santa suit...


8:57 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Girl, it's out. Although I haven't seen Pumpkinhead Man - just the other two.

5:56 PM


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