Saturday, October 28

Sayonara, A-Ride!

As of this afternoon, the A-Ride has gone to greener pastures. Well, at least less hilly ones.

My supervisor rolled up in my brand new ride, a Mitsubishi Minica that shall henceforth be known as the AR-J (A-Ride Junior), pronounced "Ar-jay," a name that alludes to her inner pirate.

Please note her exhaust pipe. That's ecological.

Allow me to extoll her virtues:

  1. She's brand spankin' new, with 125 km on her.
  2. She smells good.
  3. She's 4-wheel drive.
  4. She has heated seats (Bonus!)
  5. She's clean.
  6. She doesn't shake.
  7. She has a smooth ride.
  8. She's quiet.
  9. She doesn't balk at the hills.
  10. She's got a full tank o' gas.
Now, there are a few downsides:
  1. No cup holder. Not like I ever have a cup in there, but it's where I put the iPod.
  2. I think there's actually less room in the back seat, if that's possible.
  3. The trunk area is carpeted, so I have to be careful.
  4. I'm not supposed to take her over 60 km for the first 1000 km. That'll make for slower rides out to LMS, etc. Ah well.
Welcome, AR-J!


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