Friday, November 3

More Halloween

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while, mainly because Tuesday evening I got a cold and, as they say in EP, it brought down the hammer. I went to bed at 7:30, got up at 5:15, and Wednesday I felt like absolute caca, achy all over, tired as sin, etc.. etc. However, I was at my FAS (Far Away School - the new name for Tiny Mountain School), and I felt bad calling in sick on a FAS day. I made it through the day, went to bed at 7:30, got up at 6:15 the next morning and felt somewhat better - at least not achy and tired beyond comprehension.

Last night I was in bed at 8:30 until 7:30 this morning, as I have yasumi today. It's Culture Day here in Japan, and I'm taking advantage and being really lazy. Well, I will have to do some souji (cleaning) and sentaku (laundry), but it's been a slow morning. Except for when I rushed out to get the garbage out on time and there was no garbage out. Meaning either that they're just not picking it up on a holiday or as of November the schedule has changed. Which means I have to be really observant this week to find out when my new garbage days are.

Aaaanyhoo, Tuesday was Halloween, and fortunately I was at my LMS, so we had a day jam-packed with games and candy. We played a spin on "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" - "Pin the Tail on the Cat," which was great sport for the 1,2nensei and the Suginoko (Special Ed) kids. The 3nensei had a harder time getting into it. We also did pinatas in the 1,3nensei classes, but I made the darn things too strong and they couldn't break them. I had to rip them open myself. I wondered what would happen when the candy flew out, but there was no need to worry. The kids naturally dove on the floor to grab what they could. Go LMS babies!

Here are some images from school that day. Please enjoy!

Pin the Tail on the Cat

Showing the 3nensei how they roll in EP.

Fearing for my well-being as Naoya takes a swing at the pinata.

Good Ol' Jack. He survived 3 baseball boys and my bashing on the floor. Just before his demise at my bare hands.

Post-tearing of the pinata, 3nensei class.


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