Monday, December 18

Kaze Da

The Mira I should have had.

Today was windy (the first kind of kaze), but sunny and bright, and I enjoyed hiruyasumi (recess) and outdoor souji immensely this afternoon. But only after being warned most intensely about the second kind of kaze - the common cold - by one of the teachers. Now, if you're an avid reader of this here blog, you will already know that I never complain about people. So, I'll just go so far as to say that he's one of those people who loves to hear themselves talk, so they do it a lot, and when they ask you questions, they're not really interested so much in your answer as in their follow-up comments on the topic. Which, in this case, is generally the same - protecting oneself from maladies. Grrrr! Don't waste my time talking to me if all you really want to do is talk to yourself!

That said and vented, I don't have elementary for a few weeks now - not until the new year, anyway - and the Alps and Ontake-san were brilliant this afternoon in their even-thicker snow coats which were reflecting the red afternoon sunlight so gorgeously. Even Ena-san has a dusting of snow by now.

In a related story, I've been telling the kids at school all about how it snows in Buffalo in December and we can make snowmen (intro to Christmas). Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's been as high as 65 degrees and quite possibly the warmest December ever. Hope no one checks up on that and tries to call me a liar. ....Ok, I checked the forecast for Buffalo and Tuesday's supposed to bring flurries. There, I feel better now.

Peace, babies, tomorrow's LMS! And the next day, too! Wheeee!


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