Sunday, November 26

上風 (Kamikaze) in Effect, Y'all!

Well, the AR-J has finally hit 1000 km, a marker that has been long awaited. Upon handing her over to me, my supervisor passed along the car people's recommendation that I not drive her over 60km/h for the first 1000 km. Now, for much of my drives out to LMS and FAS, the limit is 50. Which means 70. At least for most people. Not including old people and Sunday Drivers. Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, I have been a reluctant Sunday Driver, as I am not one to go against what I'm told, especially if I don't understand why. This has lead to many pile-ups behind me, as the faster drivers got stuck behind my granny fanny in the one lane with no passing.

However, that is all about to change.

Last night at the Thanksgiving Fest, we got on this topic, and I joked that the trip to FAS will now take me 15 minutes (it usually takes 45), so they said I would be a kamikaze. I said yes, but it was with the 上 kanji for "kami" instead of 神, as 上 is for my LMS. Yes, people laughed, and I was so content to have made a kanji joke that was appreciated by Japanese and gaijin alike. I know that's not funny to those of you in Readerland, but if you were there, in context, you might have laughed too.

Too bad tomorrow I'm only going to GES which is only 3 minutes from home, on back streets. The AR-J will have to wait until Tuesday to stretch her legs.

On that note, it's WAY past my bedtime, so it's a-bed-we-go (the third Wise Man, I believe).



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