Monday, December 4


I woke up this morning really not wanting to go to my GES. It's not that I don't like the school, but not being master of my own self and immediate surroundings for several hours is tiring and gets old. However, up I got, to school I went (no frost this morning), taught I did, and fun I had. In spite of the bone-chilling hallways that coat your soul in hoar-frost. Every time I or any other teacher came into the teachers' room (which wasn't that warm itself), we all exclaimed how frigging cold it was out there, and ran for hot beverages to try to breathe life back into our bodies. And the kids - I'm talking first-graders - were out running their "marathons" in t-shirts and shorts while their parents cheered them on decked out in winter coats. And windows and doors alike were open all day, and some kids hung out in their t-shirts and shorts all day too, without complaining. Amazing.

Anyhoo, after school I had to go get the tires on my car changed to the winter variety. But I only had tires, no wheel, so that made it extra. Of course.

Coming home I enjoyed the beautiful full afternoon moon and took some pictures for you folks.

The weather sites promise temperatures below zero for tomorrow morning (in the 20s for you folks in the States). Not so bad if you have indoor heating. Hopefully my LMS will have the good sense to have that noise bumping tomorrow so we don't all die from exposure... indoors.

Keep the peace.


Anonymous hdri japan said...

Nice photo. I am also an artist in Japan.

hdri japan

10:13 PM

Blogger Melissa said...


☆、☆、Please come here ....


1:42 PM

Blogger Todd said...

Word up to the hoarfrost. I had long since fivegotten that word. I may have had hoarfrost in the A-Beard during my runs last night and this morn.


w.v. vlnoxxd

Paul Milewski's four-finger ring was vlnoxxed (full-knocks'd), ya heard!

6:31 AM


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