Saturday, November 18

Little Girls, Little Girls...

(Two girls beautifying their purikura pictures.)

You may be asking yourself, "Hm, I wonder how Abbey spent her Saturday evening..." Lucky for you, I have the answer. And I'm proud to say that I spent it hanging out at the local "mall" with kids literally half my age.

It started out innocent enough, with Melissa and I planning to meet at Mr. Donuts for some tea and/or coffee with a chance of donuts. However, we soon ran into many students as Valor is the place to be of a Saturday evening.

First, we headed to the purikura corner upstairs to do some new-to-us purikura with two of Melissa's Beautiful Mountain School girls. See below.

But first we had to wait in line for what seemed like infinity, while chatting with the girls and the "cool guys" from a spattering of schools who kept coming by as only insecure adolescent boys can. I decorated the bottom right one.

We waited more than a minute.

Afterwards we finally went for some tea where we met these two GS girls who were sharing a scarf. So cute!

It was at that little table at Mr. Donuts that I experienced my first keitai transfer. I don't know if we have this technology at home, but here, if you have the same keitai company, you just match up the infrared sensors/transmitters on the end of your phones, press the magic button, and voila! You now have the other person's information conveniently stored for you in your address book. No writing down, no trying to remember, no punching millions of buttons. That's it. Wow. Technology is really amazing.

Eventually it was time to go our separate ways, so I ran back up to buy the rug and seat cushion I had scoped out earlier, came back down, and saw two of my LMS girls just come from a volleyball tournament. I gave them two of my purikura pictures, chatted and then ran off to try out my new rug.

And that's all. Next time I end up at Valor on a Saturday night, however, I'll try not to look like such a SCRUB.

Peace is the coolest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehehehee..."Try" being the key word (^_<) As I have said before: "True scrubbiness comes from within".

11:26 AM

Anonymous okinawa said...

I don't understand??


10:20 PM


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