Tuesday, May 15

Genki Country School

Renji hooks up the bankai.

As you may recall, all my schools from last year had clever little nicknames (here the term "clever" is used loosely) in an effort to maintain anonymity. The same will hold true for this year's schools, beginning with my (I don't want to say it...) favorite of the three, the as of now so-called Genki Country School.

There, the kids are super genki, in a good way, without losing the relative good behavior characteristic of a country school.

I have to so much to say about this school already, but today's posting will just showcase some of the cuteness of my new kids.

The above cutout of Renji was made by an 1nensei, Ikkei, whose father actually teaches English at CS2 (from last year). Just as a young Walt Disney made cartoon drawings for all of his friends, Ikkei makes cutouts from origami paper. Without making a drawing first. He just cuts. Before one of the kids requested he make Renji for me, he had just finished making the kid from One Piece. Really cool.

The 3nensei have a special journal notebook in which they write letters to me every week. Most of them say "Diary" or nothing at all, but Akari has labeled hers in a really awesome way.

When Shoko handed in her notebook, Adachi-sensei commented that she is a really good artist. As you can see, she provided me with a couple Ichigo-Rukia drawings. In her letter she told me to ask her to draw anything. Of course I asked for Renji!
(My comment to her about these drawings was that they reminded me of the the first Bleach episode when Ichigo and Rukia met in Ichigo's room and they were both angry.... natsukashii...)


Blogger Melissa said...

Shokos are the coolest! KAWAII! Yokatta ne (^-^) The Renji cutout alone almost makes up for the traumatic city bus experience, doesnt it?

Ichi looks like he`s about to kick Rukia in the bum all over again! Ah, the good ol@ days!

9:20 AM

Blogger Melissa said...


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