Saturday, April 21

Jiko Shokai

For the last week and a half I've been doing my jiko shokai, self-introduction at all of my schools. For the JHS 2nensei and up, there's an accompanying comprehension sheet. The last section on the sheet asks for an interesting thing that they heard or a question they'd like to ask.

Yesterday while I was writing comments on them and answering questions, I came across this one:

Do you like animals?
Abbey is "cute" and "pretty," so I too want to become a "woman" like Abbey.

I can't say anything more to that.


Blogger Melissa said...

KAWAII! /(^-^)\

...I cant`t say anything more to that...

11:43 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

ごめんね!昨日寝ちゃった!BLEACHを見た? 生徒たちは皆「おもしろかったよ!」って教えてくれた!楽しみ!

「ABBEY先生は自転車や電車で見たよ」も何回も聞いた (^-^)

1:35 PM


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