Friday, April 6

Tokyo is Sugoi!

The view from my room. Breathtaking, I know.

I arrived in Tokyo at about 3:30 this afternoon, and rather easily found my way to my hotel in spite of not having written down the instructions on how to get there. My orienteering skills must be improving!

After chilling out for a bit in my room at the lovely Hotel Ginza Daiei, I headed out to explore and make the most of today. Although this is my fourth time visiting Tokyo, when I reached Chuo-dori, AKA Ginza-dori, and was crossing the street, that wonderful intersection outfitted with two large TV screens and lights galore, among hundreds of people just getting out of work and making their way down that avenue of prosperity, I realized: “I’m in Tokyo! The Tokyo people imagine when they imagine Tokyo. The Tokyo portrayed in movies. Awesome!” I hope it never loses its wonderment.

Anyway, I present to you tonight’s pictures of Ginza. After footing it around, eating not-so-cheap sushi (190 yen for maguro (tuna) didn’t sound bad, but that was just for one piece!) and wandering some more, I decided that I would in fact like to have my camera, so I had to go back to the hotel to get it. No problem, I was close. Here is what you get.

The view straight down from my room.

To the right. A little cooler.

The desk and the "closet."

Posters at the nearby Kabuki Theater.

Kabuki Theater

"If you are traveler We'll do our best! Please come and chill!"

Watching a comedian on TV outside a video/bookstore.

Mom, just so you don't have to ask me what I might like for my next birthday.
At a diamond jewelry store.

Harumi Dori


Two more days to go!


Blogger Melissa said...


I hope you didnt forget to pick that tiara up for me....You know how cranky I get when I dont get my omiyage! (^-^)/

3:51 PM

Anonymous Robin said...

Next time you're in Tokyo stay at "Chez Robin" - and save your yen for Melissa's omiyage! (^-^)

8:04 PM


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