Monday, May 21

"I Can't Wait to Go to Bed" or "Crap!"

This morning I woke up after a fitful last hour of sleep, typical of these recent early bright mornings. I got up, and as I slid open the door to my room - during the winter a heat-containing measure, during the warmer months an attempt to keep out stray mukade - I notice slight movement near my feet. Sure enough, a little mukade was squirming on its back where I had just grazed it with my slipper. About a foot from my mattress. Which is on the floor. Great.

Just now, I recently got home later than expected, bit the bullet and made up the leftover pancakes, sat down to enjoy them while perusing my email when what did appear from behind the bookshelf next to my desk, but a slightly big-brother version of this morning's visitor. Nothing like finding them upon waking and just before going to bed - still with memories of the morning's close encounter. A few more inches and it would have been in my bed.

Of course, the Mighty Mukade Chopper appears to be in need of a smithy, as its blade has not exactly been jujitsu sharp the last couple of slayings. And when I chopped at tonight's would-be-victim, it promptly fell off the wall into the tangled mass that converges at my power strip. Still not dead. I had to separate its head from its body to get it to finally stop writhing.

You'll notice that I'm no longer taking pictures of my mukade, mainly because it becomes rather traumatic, especially before bed.

This makes 4 mukade in the last week and a half. Two in one day. So much for putting the powder around my house. Twice.


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