Thursday, June 7

Good Times and Great Oldies

It's never too late for some wisteria. Although it is long gone from the trees (as of about a month ago), it's sweet smell lingers in my memory...

Well, the only thing old about my news is me...

Just thought I'd pass along some happy thoughts for you, starting with yesterday's day at elementary school.

1. For my first class I had the 1nensei. After being greeted with hugs and "Abbey-sensei!"s in the hallway by a rushing mob of 1st graders (and maybe some 2nensei in the mix), I stood around at the front of the class having my bag pawed through and trying to answer the kids' questions. One little girl hugged me from behind (you can imagine where her 6-year-old face may have come to) and shortly thereafter commented to me that I smelled good. Well, thank you, little girl. To myself, on that hot June day, I said "Tell me that again in a few hours."

2. Later, during hiruyasumi (recess), after fending off an increasing number of 1nensei girls and their butt-squeezes (inspired by the actions of one boy who has also become increasingly fond of groping me), I got the final boob-pat from one of them, who then remarked "Oppai dekai!" (Your boobs are big!). To which I answered, that no, in fact they are small. But I guess by Japanese standards - and certainly 6-year-old standards - they are bigger than average. Sweet redemption!

(*Disclaimer: Although Awesome Items 1 and 2 may seem a little... odd... what with both of them involving me being felt up by gradeschoolers, rest assured that there is no funny business afoot. Nor inappropriateness. It's just nice to be told you smell good by anyone, especially when you're afraid you don't, and also that you have big boobs, especially when you don't and at one time suffered greatly at the mercy of your classmates for that very reason.)

3. Today, for the most part, was not the most gratifying of days (something of a self-fulfilling prophecy), but after school I tried to join the 1nensei (JHS) from the kendo club for their warm-up run. Alack, they are no longer doing that, and they met me at the outside door to the gym in their new kendo outfits. Of course I gushed over them and said they looked like shinigami (death gods, like from Bleach), as most of the girls had sweet white ones. So cool! So I did my run by myself and did a banging job (I thought), and did some extra walking and leg-lifting on the downhill.

3.B. While finishing my final backwards uphill-walking, the boys from the baseball team came charging up the hill. And the boy with the sour puss in class (who I secretly hoped would get out during their elective class baseball game... shame on me) actually cheerfully crowed "Hello!" to me as he ran by. Yaaaaaaay!

3.C. After running I went into the gym for some nice interaction time with my 1nensei kendo babies (about 7 girls and one boy. I love those 1nensei!), and even with some 1nensei volleyball girls whose invitation to hit a ball around I could not refuse. My protests of "Itai yo!" (It hurts!) were only met with "Hai, itai, demo daijoubu" (Yes it hurts, but it's ok.) So hit it I did until I could take no more. Then with a "Nigerou!" (Run away!) I headed out the door to go home.

4. Driving home was beautiful and I rocked out with my excellent sound system, Ye Olde iPodde.

5. MY BROTHER IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a dismal email report this morning and subsequent gmail-messenger conversation, I was starting to doubt he would really come. However, this afternoon's email check held a great surprise in store: He's really coming. HOOOOORAAAAAAAAAY!

6. When I got home today, my little 1nensei (ELE) neighbor had some friends over and I could hear them playing happily in his room. Their little cheerful conversation and laughing warmed my heart.


Blogger Melissa said...

"warmed [your] heart"? How, may I ask, did it warm your heart? Were they dressed as pirates? Could you hear the strange sounds of an ELECTRONE over their "cheerful" chatter? I think not.

If you want heart warming, you're gonna have to do the math (^_<)

12:07 AM


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