Friday, December 21


Yes, folks (Interjection: Sorry for the hiatus.) yesterday was my last day of school before Winter Vacation. So technically I am on Winter Vacation now. Sweet, and sweet.

I have a bazillion pictures from school yesterday, mostly of kids wearing my gold and silver Santa hats, but due to all the pervos out there (Thanks, jerks. You know who you are.), I can't show you any of them. Instead, you will get these faceless pictures that can only hint at the Grand Times that were had at my Daisukina School (School I Love).

The kids' markers. Whatever they drag out of or off of their pencil cases.

As it was Friday, I had classes almost exclusively with the 1nensei. I gave them my "Christmas Traditions in America" spiel, complete with hand-drawn illustrations on the board. I followed it up with a fabulous board game provided by my company. Good Times were had.

Yesterday's lunch was "Select Lunch." Two weeks ago we were asked to choose which of 4 choices we wanted: Fried Chicken or Roast Chicken (Roast, check) and Strawberry Cake or Chocolate Cake (choco, check). Unfortunately, or rather fortunately as it turned out, I was mistakenly given strawberry cake. Feeling slighted, I was compelled to enter the Janken (rock, paper, scissors) race to win one of the two extra cakes. I am proud to say that I beat out about 10 12-year-olds for my slice of chocolate cake. And it was oh, so delicious. As was the strawberry cake I ate on the way home.

Santa Gets Heated

The strawberry cake, I'll add, came in this amusing little box. As you pushed the cake out, the little Santa picture changed, altering Santa's "mood."

Santa Burns His Biscuits

Isn't Renji cool? He even has his old glasses on.

I was ever so busy yesterday, with an unusual 4 classes. While that may not seem like much, I also had two piles of diaries to read, correct and reply to, keeping me at school until a record 6pm (record for this year, anyway). To my joy, one notebook included this wonderful Christmas gift. I present it to you as I found it, tucked into a makeshift pocket in his notebook. Arigatou gozaimasu, Yuya!

Wednesday was my last elementary before the New Year, and as I had an 1nensei class, you can be sure the butt-grabbing was plentiful. This one little boy just can't keep his hands off my plush bum. If I ever feel little fists pummeling my behind, I don't have to turn around to know it's him. And usually my arms are full of other little children, and not free to arrest the offender. However, he has progressed to full-handed grabbing and even several mildly successful attempts at kanchoing. During a game at recess, he even ran out of the circle and directly over to me, strictly to hit me on the butt. He then whipped right back into the swarm of kids still in the game.

And a Happy Winter to All.


Blogger Melissa said...

Hey! Is that Renji card one of those game trading cards? I got that one, too! Did the lunch come with those snazzy ohashi, too, or are they your travel set? (^_<)

I always love the cake boxes... Sounds like you got the best of both worlds!

What did you think of the Tokyo Sanka translation? Is it like you thought it would be?

9:57 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

No, my dear, sorry I didn't clarify - it's a little shitajiki! A little small for a B5 notebook, but plastic nonetheless!

I didn't read the Tokyo Sanka translation yet. Sometimes I need to let songs simmer for a bit before I take them apart. Gomen, ne!

10:39 AM


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