Sunday, December 30

Hot Liquids Can Burn the User

MUFG welcomes the New Year

In an attempt to escape boredom and monotony, my friend Paul and I jettted into Nagoya yesterday for a little shopping and hanging out. As I haven't posted in over a week, I made a special effort to take some pictures to justify a posting. The interestingness of my pictures is, well, debatable, but here they are. Enjoy.

Paul shows off my new Japan 2008 "tumbler" next to the New Year's decorations at the entrance to Maruzen bookstore.

It's Christmastime in the city... ...or was...

Got Ladies?

Welcoming the New Year

Look who's Number 1: Bump!
And yes, it is now in my collection.

Denny's Japan

Feet on the Train


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Happy Holidays Abbey Howell

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