Sunday, December 30

Orbital Period

Here she is.

If you love Bump of Chicken, and you want their new album, I highly recommend you purchase it. First of all, it's another great album, as if that comes as any big surprise. But the really fun part is the entire storybook that comes with it. Of course the lyrics are all there, interspersing a cute story of a king who sees a hoshi no tori - star bird - in the sky and sets out to figure it out. Oh, kings.

Storybook/Lyric book cover.

First page of the story.

For a translation of the story, check this guy's blog. Personally, I'm still gambatteiru. I can do it myself! ... to omou...


Blogger Melissa said...

YaY! You got it! \(^O^)/
Looks like a real beaut'!
I love those little drawings...
Did Motoo-chan do them himself?



9:14 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

"Story and drawings by Motoo Fujiwara." Go, Motoo-kun! (So in trouble...)

10:11 AM


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