Saturday, February 16

Amusement Park Graveyard

Three mornings a week I pass by the local amusement park. Across the road is the resting place for parts and pieces no longer needed. Where rides and other sundry amusement park items are put out to pasture. And every time I drive by, I think how I wish I could stop and take pictures.

This morning I had to get up anyway, so I decided last night "If it's sunny in the morning, I'm going!" So go I did. I was also concerned about the legality of my being there, but if I understood the sign right, it's cool, I just shouldn't play on stuff. Can do.

Anyway, this morning was sunny, blue skies, cold, but with a nice little highlight-providing dusting of snow, and away we go.

For a slide show of the the "complete" collection, click on the title.

I'll let you folks try to figure out what's going on here.

Granny Special LE
If my brother had seen this, it would be in our backyard by now.

Squeezed between the "graveyard" and a small plant or rock-cutting shop or something.

For Tootles: Here she is.
She fits one camera and an extra small lens, maybe. But she suits me well.

Editor's Note: I see that I managed to pick many of the less colorful pictures from today's shoot, and for that I apologize.


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