Sunday, March 2

ME!..... and then some.

Dedicated to my Jump Partner, Melissa.

Yesterday the weather was "fine" for most of the day... until Lil P and I decided to go for a walk to Enakyo. Then it clouded up and sprinkled a little. But anyway, we got out, moved our legs (mine were sore from recess soccer the day before), had some 'moch, talked to some yokels and took a lot of stupid pictures.

LP finesses the machine.

Now I don't feel so bad about my garden...


P-chan's First Goheimochi

Me Likes the 'Moch


Today was equally lovely - until around the same time when it clouded up - but I did manage to sneak a bad-ass run in. It seems we're heading into the Windy Season, which, if last year can be any sort of indicator, will last until May or June. At any rate, said Wind was in my face for a good portion of the run, particularly the last leg up the steep hill. But that's neither here nor there. I ran, I finished, I did a good job, I got sunlight on my face, fresh air in my lungs, my body moving, blood flowing, and I felt great afterwards. That's what's important. Ne?

Oh, Enakyo Wonderland, with your Ferris Wheel of Many Colors.

Windy Season leaves its mark.

Nothing a little electrical tape won't fix.



Blogger Melissa said...

Good lookin' out, fellow jumpista! Coincidently, is that your official jumping gear? Looks strikingly familiar:

P-chan's first goehimochi?!? For goodness sake's! How long has that boy been living in Ena? It's about time you educated him on the unique gastronomical treasures of the Tono region!

Mmmm goheimochi! Too bad I'll be getting into town too late to pick some up at...Oh my gosh! I forgot the name of the delicious, conveniently located goheimochi place (ioi) Kanashii naa...

Demo tanoshimi! Hayaku tabeyou yo! (^_<)

4:40 AM

Blogger Abbey said...

Girl, I don't know the name of the joint either. Just as I don't know the names of most places. I just know how to get there and what to order!

T minus 16!

7:28 AM


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