Saturday, May 24

In Memorium


This morning as I sat fiddle-farting on my computer before my English Circle, What should appear on the wall near my desk but a very large, very leggy Gejigeji.

With my keitai for scale.

At first glance, gejigeji are somewhat unnerving. They're big. They have lots of long legs, and although they move slowly, stopping often, if threatened, they can beat it like nobody's business, even jumping off walls.

I used to try to catch them and release them outside, but I gave up when I read that they eat cockroaches and (I think) mukade. Stay as long as you like, little friends.

And now a packet of wasabi.

However, this particular gejigeji must have gotten into the powder put out for the mukade (one of which I found in my shower this morning), because when I got home, he was curled up in eternal sleep near the genkan stairs. I'm sorry, little guy.

And my lens cap, with my hand thrown in as a bonus.

Editor's Note: I don't usually do this, but I uploaded the first picture full size. As a show of remorse towards the untimely death of this particular gejigeji, and of respect to all gejigeji, I offer you a close-up view of the coolness of this insect. And you may notice that those are not indeed pincers on his mouth, but little grabbers, probably, or some sort of antenna-type appendages. So if you dare, click on the first picture and get a good close-up gander!


Blogger Todd said...

Gejigeji sound like the equivalent to spiders in my house. I allow them to live in peace and harmony, so long as they keep their mitts off my food preparation and consumption surfaces. One step near my engrubbening stations and it's "pladow" with a magazine. Sorry players, that's how I roll.

What I'm getting at is that I hear you about gross things that also serve a purpose, like carnies. If it weren't for carnies, who would operate entirely unsafe Teacups rides and stick their small, cabbage-smelling hands in your friend dough?

8:30 AM


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