Saturday, May 17

Tokyo for Golden Week: Vol. 2 Chapter 3: Shibuya at Night

Finally, the last installment of the second volume of Tokyo for Golden Week.

A funky little bike near the 'Zu-Crib.

After a brief rest at Chez Aizuya, we headed back out to see some Tokyo lights at night. We landed at Shibuya and headed up the street, cameras a-flashing.

Waiting to cross Shibuya Crossing, reputed to be the world's busiest crossing.

The area surrounding Shibuya station is full of shopping, restaurants, game centers, love hotels and other such establishments, making it a popular stop for Tokyo's youth.

Can you spot Melissa and I on the curb? Neither can I.

Just keep walking a little bit, Melissa....

A nice warm night, the streets were packed with kids meeting up, just out for the night. Or already finished, as was the case with the one kid sprawled on the sidewalk, writhing in vomiticious spasms as his friends stood around him doing nothing.

Ichi-Maru-Kyuu, a popular clothing store. It has two towers at Shibuya Crossing.

Strawberry Shibuya

A couple detours lead us straight into love hotel territory. Cozy little side streets, they also offered plentiful restaurants and "toy" stores.

Love Cafe

One of the aforementioned side streets.

So... hard... to... resist...

Shibuya Information Center

At first snap, I thought this was actually an information center, and it struck me as odd that it should be so brightly decorated. On closer inspection, it turns out to be an internet/manga cafe.
Me thinks.


That pretty sums up our night out. And the entirety of our trip to Tokyo: HAPPY!!!

While we were sitting at dinner, allowing ourselves a couple drinks, I got to thinking, it seems like May 5th is a special date... but what is it... Oh!

Cinco de Mayo, Babies!

That revelation in itself was a huge mood booster. Big ups to the folks down in Puebla.

After several attempts thwarted by passing metro riders, we finally got a picture.

But the trip's not over! Stay tuned for one last day:
Akihabara's Electric Town.


Blogger Todd said...

Nice Happy 2008 action shot Melissa. Abbey no hoppey?

1:05 AM

Blogger M.KATE said...

now that is a happy shot!!

7:42 PM

Blogger Abbey said...

My pose was supposed to be a "turn and flash a cheesy smile with my sweater slung over my shoulder", but it didn't come off that way, I guess...

7:19 AM


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