Sunday, November 30

Thanksgiving with Chopsticks

The original dinner crew:
Aya, Paul, Michael, Youka, Nikko, Sakiko, Chris, Paul, Clarissa, Shona, Micah, Maria, Lulu, Chiharu and Koichi.

In lieu of a proper Thursday afternoon Thanksgiving, we ALT-tachi had our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday evening. We celebrated sans turkey, but tons of other delicious dishes made up for it. Good food was eaten, Good Times were had, windows were fogged by all the energy of our revelry and all went home with too-full bellies. We had much to be thankful for.

I was there too.

The Cool Kids' Table

The Other Table

Hiroko's Famous Cake

The Latter-Half Crew:
Aya, Paul, Nigel, Nikko, Michael, Youka, Megumi, Harumi, Clarissa, Grant, Hiroko, Paul, Micah, Lulu, Chris, Chiharu and Shona


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Abbey,
Koichi - he is a teacher at Ena Ko, right? Is he still there? He lived in a spanish-speaking country, right? I'm I imagining all of this? He is a really nice man!

It looks like your Thanksgiving was a hit! You are quite the hostess! I want to go back to Japan to go to one of your parties!

Your blog is great! Please keep posting!


1:12 PM


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