Saturday, September 27

Taiiku Taikai 2008

Everyone gets ready to stretch. I mean everyone.

This year's Sports Festival was one of the best (out of three, hm), only because I felt super comfortable (unlike the first year), the weather was great and I wasn't sleepy (unlike last year).

Here's a sampling of the day's events.

Aaaaand stretch.

Getting ready for Tug-o-War


The flag master mans his post.

Ao-dan vs. Aka-dan
And, apparently, Thunder vs. Wind


Adachi-sensei and Maki-sensei dressed as pit crew members and held up Stop signs during the wheelbarrow relay.

The school flag of champions.

The ichinensei relay - walking across the backs of your classmates.

Getting read to jump.

Bamboo Surfing
One of my favorite events.

Soup bowls for lunch.

The teachers' special lunch.


Soran dancers preparing to run out on the field.

Soran clackers.

Atsui. After lunch it got hot, and hot.

Yours Truly

Kocho-sensei passes the flag to the captain of the winning team.

Later, flavor.


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