Friday, November 14

Going to Komeri

From November 1st

First it was kuri (chestnuts), next it was these. My landlord set them out to dry and will then roast them and give them a sugary coating.

As a trip to the doctor kept me home from Takayama on this glorious Fall Saturday, I tried to at least get out for a walk with the excuse of getting pot bottoms at Komeri, a nearby home and garden store.

My tree.

It's been a while since I've taken any pictures, what with forgetting my camera this past week, forgetting the battery and just not bringing it.

So here are a few pictures from the walk down to Komeri. Nothing exciting. Well, maybe to the eye that don't know no better...

A traditional home just down the street.

And its next-door neighbor.

Hachiya Kaki

The fall vegetables are lush and the kaki are hung to ripen and dry.

More kaki.

Sold Out
Two kinds of Japanese vending "machines".
The drink machine and the self-service vegetable stand.

Kasagi-yama tends a vegetable garden.


And a functioning self-service vegetable stand.


Regrown rice stalks

While I was taking a picture, a lady ran over and purchased two of the round daikon, dropping her money into a tube on the counter.

...Leaving just the two.


No American car lots 'round these parts.

Where the corn used to be.


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