Wednesday, October 1


Epicenter: Gifu Mino-chuseibu
Magnitude: 4.2

Home sick from school this morning, I was lying in bed when a small tremor began to rattle the house. It only lasted about 10 seconds or so, and was so light. But there it was, the first one in a long time for me. And here's the report from the Japan Meteorological Agency. You would think they'd choose more distinguishable colors for the intensities, but it's obvious that our area was only a 1.

In other news, there is none, except that our good friend London Paul, or The Queen's Paul, or Shinotto-sensei, or just plain Paul, is back from England and crashing at Chez Howell. So with Paul, Aya and Lil P we've got a full house here for hanging out - Good Times, good friends and good English sweets - and I've got some company on my sick day.


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