Wednesday, December 3

Aki no Kyoto: Intermission

160 Degrees
Or so. At my favorite corner on the way to school.

Just a few pictures from yesterday. The morning was so gorgeous, as it was today, I'm so glad I had my camera with me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until too late that it was still on 1600 ISO from the night before, so all my morning pictures are grain central. Poop.

Anyway, enjoy this hodgepodge of images from a beautiful fall day in Higashimino.

Tiles on Rocks.
Every time I drive by these rocks I think about how I want to take their picture, in front of those green vegetables, that reflective pond, that grey shed, that mini bamboo grove, those luscious mountains. And as the months have passed, I've watched their backdrop change from green to brown, to rice to sunflowers, to bare again.

A real photo contest.
In the Gifu Shinbun.

I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner, but I'm going to try to find interesting pictures in the paper if not every day, at least weekly, from now on. You can thank George W. for inspiring the first one.

"Rassei Misato, Represent!" or "I use Jazz Hands when I window shop."
Our favorite make-your-own soba restaurant makes the news.

Abbey Behind the Bakku
The winner of the impromptu photo "contest". ("Abbey, which one is the best?") I chose it for it's clarity, relatively good lighting and excellent pose.

Koutsuu Anzen
Peel off the sticker and this is what you get!
An apple promoting traffic safety.

An afternoon view out the teachers' room window.

Have you seen the moon lately?
Our natural orbiter, Jupiter and Venus hang out in the evening sky.

My choice for grocery shopping.


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