Sunday, February 15


Chopping the chives. (?)

Rescued from my boredom Friday morning, I was invited by the P.E./Home Ec. teacher to go see the kids make gyoza. When I got there, I was very pleased to find that it was one of the two 2nensei classes, whom I adore. My babies looked SO cute in their colorful aprons (each has their own) and bandannas that I could hardly contain myself when I walked in. So glad I'd chosen to bring the little camera with the video function, I got to work snapping and recording away.

Of course, you only get the faceless shots here.

Whisking the water.

Adding the filling and crimping the edges just so.

Left: sliced dough waiting to be made into balls, then rolled into flat circles.

Teacher Assignments
My sample gyoza were being made by Group 5

Nice and neatly crimped.

Gyoza Dango

Awaiting the Pan

I just realized that I don't have any pictures of the finished products. They were waiting for me when I got back from 4th period - right before lunch - and I scarfed them down, post haste.
A little thick in the crust, but de-licious! So garlicky and gingery!


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