Wednesday, November 23

Mi Familia and Manuel Antonio

Due to the amazing connection that I have with this family, I have come to regard them as a second family for me. I am always welcome in their home, and feel totally comfortable being there. Fortunately I have been able to visit them for the last two years, and hopefully this trend will continue.

Edgardo and his girlfriend, Merlyn.

Edgardo's mom, Isabel.

Edgardo's Dad, Jose, and the neighbor kids, "up to Poasito", as my grandma would say.

This post was originally supposed to be all about them, but since most of the pictures are from our impromptu trip to Manuel Antonio, it'll be a Special Combo.

I say impromptu because the trip just sort of fell together the night before, and turned out to be quite the adventure. Here we go:

A good time was had by all on the buseta, except for me what with the motion sickness and all. Between sitting backwards, the curvy climb up and down the mountains and the driver's maniacal style, it was a long time before I could stop looking straight ahead out the front window. My trusty ipod eventually took my mind off things and helped to settle my tum-tum.

Here are Glen and his girlfriend Veronica. Cool Japanese T-Shirt!

There's me, enjoying the ride

(Note weak smile, attempting to not barf all over Yohana. Actually, since it appears to be dark out, this may be pre-barfiness.)


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